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Blue Flower

The Calapyso Cascade trail starting from the Allens Park trailhead is great. I got the idea for starting at the Allenspark trailhead from Best Easy Day Hikes - a great hiking guide to the park. The trail was nearly empty until merging with the more popular trail at the falls. This was my favorite trail in the park - the Bear Lake trails were quite enjoyable also.

The trail starts out in pine forest for a bit over a mile. Then the trail begins to offer great view of the vistas available in Rocky Mountain National Park. Many flowers were blooming along the trail as I hiked in late June, 2003.

The vistas seen while hiking along this trail were amazing, hopefully some of these photos give a sense of what the hike offers. My lunch sitting along the trail and looking out over the view was a great treat.

Eventually you merge with another trail at the falls. I only went a few hundred feet past the falls and recommended going at least that far as several nice views are waiting for you.

Photo at the Allens Park trailhead View where I paused for lunch Photo of tree growing in the stump of another tree Photo of trail Photo of vista on the trial Purple Flower Photo of purple flower Photo of the falls Photo of orange flower Photo of a marmot Photo of Orchid Photo of flowers Panaromaic View Photo of butterfly along the trail
Photo of ladybug Photo of orchids growing in fallen log