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Photo of statue at Luxor gate

I visited Egypt for 9 days. I started in Cairo for 3 days and then took the train to Luxor. I stayed there for 3 days before returning to Cairo again for 2 more days. Then I went on a safari in Kenya and Tanzania.

I was lucky enough to have a guide for several days in Cairo. Then I met my mother and brother and we completed the rest of the Egyptian expedition together.

Egypt is full of remarkable sites but it is not one of the easier places to travel. You should be careful of what you eat as almost everyone I have talked to about Egyptian trips has been sick during there stay (including me). I have traveled extensively and Egypt has so far been the only place I have been very sick.

Photo of Sphinx with Pyamids in the background

The pyramids were remarkable even with the high expectations I held for them. The Cairo Museum is full of incredible works. Cairo was enjoyable to walk around and visiting the large number of islamic and other historical locations is worth, at least, a couple days.

Photo of Geese for sale - Egypt

Photo of geese for sale in Egyptian desert to the west of Cairo. By John Hunter.

Photo of the Step Pyramid at Djoser

The Step Pyramid at Djoser. The pyramid is one of the oldest standing man made structures in the world dating from over 4,500 years ago. All photos by John Hunter.

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