Road Runner with a Lizard it Caught
Road Runner with a Lizard it Caught
This is one of the top handful of my favorite photos.

Sadly I don't have access to the computer so I am guessing about the location. I set up everything so on my long trip to SE Asia (scheduled for 2 years but running over already) I would be able to work on my photos. Sadly, I lost access to my Mac Mini in the USA so I can't do that, which is extremely frustration. I also have this photo isolated from all the others I took (since it was a favorite I saved a copy on my laptop); so I can't figure out where it was for certain until I go home and get access back.

I know I had just started out on a long hike. Within the first few minutes I rounded a corner and this road runner was just catching the lizard. I am amazed I managed to get a photo at all. And I think it came out great.

It was helpful that the road runner was on the trail so I had a clear view (possibly the lizard was sunning itself to warm up in the morning). The bird was certainly closer than 10 feet away from me.

I am nearly certain this is in Texas. I think it was on the Guadalupe Peak Trail in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. In any event it was a great hike and this photo is one I will always remember.

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