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Vision Statement (Aim) - the focus of what the organization seeks to accomplish or become. Often a very general statement looking into the future. Example from Toyota Forklift: "To become the most successful and respected lift truck company in the U.S."

Related Terms:
  • Mission Statement - As stated by Toyota Forklift the mission can be seen as the guide to reaching the vision "To reach our vision, we use our Mission Statement as a daily guide." Their mission statement: "To attain the No. 1 brand name position in the U.S. lift truck industry by providing the highest value industrial equipment products and services to our customers and by supplying industry-leading products and dealer support." (Toyota Forklift quotes from June, 2004).
  • Constancy of Purpose - maintaining a focus of the important long term vision. Within a strong focus on the important long term factors many organizations waste huge amounts of resources shifting focus from one crisis to the next without ever making sustained progress. Senior management should make sure the day to day issues don't result in a shirting of resource from the organization's significant priorities to the shifting priorities of the day. Without constancy of purpose the rate of improvement over the long term will be greatly diminished.

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