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Leading Investors

Warren Buffet: An amazing investor, long term investors should read everything they can from him (and reread them often). President of Berkshire Hathaway where he manages the large investment portfolio for the insurance business. Charlie Munger has been his long time associate at Berkshire Hathaway.
Peter Lynch: Took Fidelity Magellan from nowhere to the largest fund in the world achieving a 13 year annualized return of 29%.

Understanding Fundamental Data

Investing Strategy

Conflict of Interest

  • Bears love the Rock: For analysts at Prudential Securities, 'sell' is not a dirty four-letter word. It is important to understand the conflict of interest many giving advice on specific stocks face.
  • Debt Downgrades Send Stocks to Gutter by Thi Nguyen, Reuters, 24 Dec 2001. Another look at conflict of interests and the effects of new SEC disclosure rules.
  • Should Management Profit from Screwing Up?, by Warren Gump,, 1999. Why do workers, who are granted options, get to make a large profit if the stock price goes up but if the stock price goes down the company just reprices their options to eliminate any negative consequences?
  • IBM gets discount on bond fees an article on investment banking fees.