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Belmount Bay Trail sign Belmount Bay Bay View Trailhead Big Spider Bay Trail boardwalk View of the Bay Mason Neck Trail Tree Bark Bay Vista Mason Neck Bay Trail Dead Tree Tree Trunk Bee and Flowers Pond plant Yellow Flowers plant elevated trail Wrapped Tree Beaver Eaten Tree Moss Tree Sign on path trail view fungus? lizard - salamander Wilson Spring Trailhead Acorns Puffball? Forest Trail Mason Neck Trails Kane Creek Trailhead Fungus? Tree Bark Ferns Closed Area for Wilderness Blurry photo of a snake Butterfly and purple flowers Butterfly and purple flowers Turtle turtles in green pond Green pond overlloking bay trail vista fallen trees view on trail water lily vista overgrow trail garbage washed up by floods I think flood residue - there were alot of bald tenis balls Woodmarsh Trail

Mason Neck State Park, Virginia offers several short trails through the woods and along the Belmont Bay offering several hours of enjoyable hiking.

Mason Neck State Park is on a peninsula formed by Pohick Bay on the north, Belmont Bay on the south and the Potomac River on the east. The peninsula is an active heron rookery. The park also attracts several other migrating and non-migrating species of birds, including whistling swans and assorted species of duck. Bald eagles also inhabit the area.

The park is in southern Fairfax County, about 20 miles from Washington, DC.

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