Curious Cat Investment Dictionary

Defining investing terms and providing links to related online resources.

# - 12b-1 fees - 401(k) - 403(b)
A - Annual Percentage Rate (APR), asset, asset allocation
B - balance sheet - basis points - bonds, book value, business Risk
C - Call (covered call) - CAN SLIM - Capital Gain, Capacity Utilization, Capital Loss, Cash Flow, Closed End Mutual Fund, Coincident Indicator, Cost Basis, Cover, Convertible Bond, Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Current Ratio, Cutting Losses
D - depreciation, diluted EPS, discount rate, diversification, dividend yield, dollar cost averaging, Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)
E - Earning Growth Rate, Earnings Per Share (EPS), Economics, Elastic Demand, Enterprise Value, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Ex-Dividend
F - Fed Funds Rate, Federal Reserve Board, Front End Load, Free Cash Flow, Fully Diluted EPS
G - Gross Domestic Product (GDP), GNP, Gross National Income
H - Hedge, Hedge Fund
I - index fund, inelastic demand, inflation indexed bonds - inflation risk, insider trading, intangible assets, interest rate risk, IRA, inverse funds
J - jumbo mortgage
L - lagging indicators, leading indicators, letting winners run, leverage, liability, limit order, liquidity risk, long term care insurance
M - Market Cap, Market Order, Market Risk, Money Market Fund, Moral Hazard, Mortgage
O - Open End Mutual Fund, Operating Cash Flow, Opportunity Cost, Operating Cash Flow Ratio, Options
P - Payday loan, PE ratio, PEG ratio, Personal loans, Points, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), Put option - Pyramiding
Q - Quick Ratio
R - Regulatory Risk, Reverse Split, Roth IRA, Risk
S - short selling, stop order, stock option, stock split
T - tangible assets, tax loss selling, totalreturn
W - warrants, working capital, yield

adverse selection, derivatives, breakout, industry groups, Foreign Trade balance (and current account balance), market share, naked options, trading, technical analysis, hedge funds, rollup, tax deferral, value investing.