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  • Leading Manufacturing Countries by John Hunter, 2007. Manufacturing output in 2005: USA $1,493 billion, Japan $964 billion, China $895 billion.
  • World Bank Quarterly Update on China (pdf), 2008 - "GDP growth declined from 12.6 percent year on year (yoy) in the second quarter of 2007 to 9 percent (yoy) in the third quarter of 2008"
  • World Bank Quarterly Update on China, 2007 - "While growth has been impressive in recent years, in the medium term China will increasingly rely on new sources of growth..."
  • China's economy is out of control by Jim Jubak, 2006. "That's a problem, because an economy can have too much growth. In China, it has led to massive overinvestment in manufacturing assets in sectors already suffering from oversupply."
  • Manufacturing Jobs Data: USA and China by John Hunter, 2006. China has lost more manufacturing jobs than the United States in the last 30 years. Globaly manufacturing output is increase while at the same time manufacturing employment is decreases due to large increases in productivity.
  • The China Price, Business Week article, 2004. "China is a much more open economy [than Japan]. It continues to lower tariffs and even runs a slight trade deficit with the whole world -- which makes the U.S.'s deficit with China all the more glaring."
  • China is no Job-Stealing Bully by Jon D. Markman, 2003. "The Bush administration blames China for the loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs. Here's why they're wrong, and why picking a fight with China is picking a fight with ourselves"
  • China Isn't Hijacking Jobs by Gene Koretz (October 2003 Economic Trends column from Business Week).
  • Why India's economy lags behind China's by Ramtanu Maitra, 2003, Asia Times.
  • China's Economy Is No "House of Cards" by Dexter Roberts, 2003, Business Week. "While the country surely has serious problems, including its ailing banks and rising inequality, pessimists overstate the negatives."
  • China's tearaway economy sparks envy by Mary Hennock, October 2003, BBC News.
  • China - Economic Statistics and Analysis from the US-China Business Council.
  • Employment restructuring during China's economic transition As in developed countries, China's service sector has become the main job creator, the country's labor force is better educated, and the average age of the employed is rising; driving those phenomena are a fast-paced employment restructuring and a growing private enterprise at the expense of State and collective ownership." by Ming Lu, Jianyong Fan, Shejian Liu and Yan Yan. Report in the Monthly Labor Review, August, 2002 (from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics web site).

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