Management Improvement Dictionary: Jidoka

Jidoka - human automation interaction. The practice of stoping (either the machine automatically detecting a problem and stopping or a person stoping) the line when a problem is detected is part of Jidoka. Jidoka is also highlighting and making problems visible. Jidoka and Just in Time are the two pilars of the Toyota Production System (TPS).

"Jidoka means that a machine safely stops when the normal processing is completed. It also means that, should a quality or equipment problem arise, the machine detects the problem on its own and stop, preventing defective products from being produced. As a result, only products satisfying the quality standards will be passed on to the next processes on the production line." (Toyota Production System from April, 2006)

"Since equipment stop when a problem arises, a single operator can visually monitor and efficiently control many machines. As an important tool for this 'visual control' or 'problem visualization,' Toyota plants use a problem display board system called 'andon' that allows operators to identify problems in the production line at a glance."Jidoka from April, 2006)

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