Curious Cat Management Improvement Dictionary: Takt Time

Takt Time - the desired "heartbeat" of the process. Takt time is used to synchronize the demand from the customer with the production. To calculate the desired production time, for example, demand/available time = takt time (100 units / 40 hours = 2.5 units and hour).

The takt time provides the aim for the process: 2.5 units an hour. Takt time is used to synchronize the production process and customer demand. The process is then adjusted so that production equals the desired results (where the process produces at the rate the customer demands)

In most cases you do not know with 100% accuracy the customer demand. But you can use the concept of Takt Time using the best information available. "Toyota typically reviews the takt time for a process every month, with a tweaking review every ten days." (Key Lean Concepts,

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