Curious Cat Management Improvement Dictionary - Cycle Time

Cycle Time - the length of time to complete a process. Normally the shorter the cycle time the better. Eliminating non-value added steps is one way to reduce cycle time.

Related Terms:
  • Non value added steps - steps in the process that add no value to the customer or the organization. Obviously if they have no value removing them will reduce cost and cycle time. Doing so will also remove a chance for errors to be introduced. Most likely they steps served a purpose at one time but no longer then as changes are made in the rest of the process, they are no longer necessary, but the step may not removed if the fact that they are no longer needed is not recognized.
    A common non-value added step is when approval layers are required but no value is gained. If the approval does add value such as preventing errors or providing feedback that helps improve results it could be worthwhile. But often the process is just in place because: "that is how we always have done it."
  • Throughput
  • Takt Time
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