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Curious Cat Management Improvement Connections attempts to help you find the best online management improvement resources. Six Sigma Definition from Curious Cat Management Improvement Dictionary.

Selected Six Sigma Web Resources:

Online Articles from the Curious Cat Six Sigma Library in the spotlight. Unfortunately much of hte six sigma literature is not published openly online - hopefully the publishers will improve, but until then links to those articles have been removed.

Six Sigma Books

  • Leading Six Sigma by Ronald Snee and Roger Hoerl, 2002. An excellent resource from leaders in the Six Sigma movement who have lead Six Sigma efforts at leading companies. Highly Recommended.
  • The Six Sigma Revolution: How General Electric and Others Turned Process into Profits by George Eckes, 2000. Author George Eckes, who implemented Six Sigma at GE Capital, describes how each function within an organization can utilize Six Sigma.
  • Implementing Six Sigma: Smarter Solutions Using Statistical Methods, 2nd Edition, by Forrest W. Breyfogle III, 2003. A very good overview of Six Sigma. And, Managing Six Sigma: A Practical Guide to Understanding, Assessing, and Implementing the Strategy That Yields Bottom Line Success by Forrest W. Breyfogle, James M. Cupello and Becki Meadows, 2000.
  • Statistics for Experimenters 2nd Edition is an excellent resource for six sigma experts (it is an advanced text on design of experiments) by George Box, William Hunter and Stu Hunter, 2005.
  • Bringing Lean Systems Thinking to Six Sigma   by Paul Mullenhour and Jamie Flinchbaugh, 2005. "Traditional lean efforts will help you reduce flow time and waste, leading to improvements that will boost overall quality. Six Sigma, with its focus on statistics, will help you deliver a more consistent product. But to fully support your long-term goal.
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