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Public Sector Continuous Improvement Site - this site

Curious Cat Management Improvement Library   links to documents available online by the likes of: DemingScholtes, Drucker, Brewick, Senge, Ackoff. Also see the management dictionary and Six Sigma Resource Center

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Several blogs host excellent discussion of management improvement in general and occasional discussions of management improvement in government including: Curious Cat Management Improvement BlogLean BlogLean Edge and the Management Exchange. See many more blogs: Curious Cat Management Blog Directory.


More Online Resources

Best Manufacturing Practices Center of Excellence run by the United States Department of the Navy. Great resource with thousands of description of specific practices of interest to all (not just manufacturing). All the items listed include contact information.

Brookhaven National Laboratory Quality Management Office   Some interesting information even though the site seems focused on Quality Assurance which we think is less effective than focusing on customers, process improvement, innovation, systems thinking...

ASQ Government Division (previously the Public Sector Network)

Government Innovators Network at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard

Arizona Management System

Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement


Iowa Department of Management Office of Lean Enterprise

Archive for the National Performance Review   contains large amount of information on the many efforts to improve customer service in government.

Innovation/ Lean Six Sigma at the City of Tyler, Texas

Quality Leadership Blog "online resource for government managers who are committed to the continual development of their leadership and management skills"

In School Solutions - an extensive site from Australia with a great deal of useful information.

Creative Learning Exchange - Mission: "To develop Systems Citizens in K-12 education who use systems thinking, system dynamics, and an active, learner-centered approach to meet the interconnected challenges that face them at personal, community, and global levels."

American Society for Public Administration

National Academy of Public Administration

The intent of this guide is to list useful online resources for people pursuing continuous improvement efforts in the public sector. Please let me know of other online resources which belong. Also please tell me of errors or necessary changes.

More resources which may interest those improving the Public Sector

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