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The Public Sector Continuous Improvement Site aims to help public sector employees improve their organizations. We focus on the following methods of improvement: the Deming's management system, lean management thinking, systems thinking, customer focus, process improvement, innovation and leadership.

View our guide to online resources for Public Sector Continuous Improvement efforts, our reading list or learn about organizations devoted to helping with public sector improvement efforts. 

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Blog posts: In Public ManagementJohn Hunter, discusses some of Deming's views on government management: "Government service is to be judged on equity as well as on efficiency." See more posts on public sector management improvement.

Podcast: City Manager Tommy Gonzalez began implementing the Lean Six Sigma program in Irving, Texas - he mentions many quality tools. To learn more about these tools see the Curious Cat management glossary and Curious Cat Management Blog quality tools posts

Improvement Resources

Many blogs have excellent information including the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog(public sector related posts), Lean Blog - for more see the management blog directory.

Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Reports available online include:

Those involved in Health Care improvement should not miss the Institute for Healthcare Improvement headed by Donald Berwick. Even for those not directly involved in Health Care IHI has worthwhile information (such as the Breakthrough Series information) and the online monthly newsletter.

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