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World Wide Web

Air Force Reserve Professional Development Center

United States Air Force European Headquarters Quality Improvement Office

Benchmarking in the Public Sector (from Australia)

Defense Technical Information Center's BPR Help Desk

BPR Kiosk, from the U.S. DoD

Canadian Coast Guard Pacific Region Self Directed Work Team concept

University of Canberra, Australia, Centre for Research in Public Sector Management

Electronic College of Process Innovation

Centre for Research in Public Sector Management University of Canberra, Australia

Council for Excellence in Government

Federal Budget Simulation at Univ. CA-Berkeley

FEDWORLD huge amount of government info

FinanceNet Very large site focused on financial issues facing government and help on how to continually improve and innovate those facets of your organization.

Finnish Institute of Public Management

FORSCOM United States Army Reengineering Initiatives

General Accounting Office GAO issues reports on many topics including several in the last few years related to quality management in government.

Governing, the magazine of states and localities

Government Executive

APS Innovations from Australia

Local Government Network by the The Innovation Group

Inter-Agency Benchmarking and Best Practices Council

United States

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Strategic Execution Plan, June 1996

NASA Bibliography of Quality Management and more

Ohio EPA Quality Initiatives

Oklahoma Quality

Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management

Public and Not for Profit Division of the Academy of Management

Purdue University allows you to search GAO reports, the U.S. Code, the Federal Register and the Congressional Record by keyword and to view them.

StateSearch allows for keyword searches of information on large number of Web sites containing information on States

United States Department of Labor's Best Practices Clearinghouse

United States Coast Guard Quality Center

United States Department of Transportation: National Quality Institute

The White House

Internet Mailing Lists

DODBPR-L   DoD's Business Process Reengineering Program.
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Change -- initiating and sustaining major change in organizations
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Local Government Tech
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Local Government
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LOGOV is an unmoderated mailing list on the topic of local government, urban/city management and international cooperation.
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Management and Leadership in Government
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MIL-QUAL   Military Quality         Moderated
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PUBSEC Public Sector Management issues (based in Australia)     Moderated     archive
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The intent of this guide is to supplement the Online Public Sector Continuous Improvement Guide by providing further resources related to Quality Management as well as some that don't directly relate to Quality but may be of interest to a significant percentage of the guides users. Please let me know of other online resources which belong. Also please tell me of errors or necessary changes.

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