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Deming on Management - Deming's management ideas have greatly influenced modern management practice. Many quotes and thoughts are attritbuted to him. Here, I attempt to clearly indicate what he actual said and include some of my thoughts on what he meant.

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Curious Cat Management Improvement library

  • Quality and the Required Style of Management by W. Edwards Deming       Journal for Quality and Participation 1988
  • In the Beginning, There Were Deming and Juran by Phil Landesberg,   Dec 1999   Adobe Acrobat Document
    Originally published in the Journal of Quality and Participation. A nice (very short) look back on the lives and ideas of Deming and Juran with the aim of encouraging us to learn from their work.
  • Does anybody give a hoot about profit? by W. Edwards Deming and Henry R. Neave,   Jul 1900   Adobe Acrobat Document
    Dr W. Edwards Deming gave a short presentation to some 25 executives from major European companies. This document is a transcript prepared and edited by Henry Neave.
  • Leaders of People: Some are Wonderful, Some are Clueless. The Rest are Somewhere In Between by Peter Scholtes, 1996
  • Variation, Management and W. Edwards Deming by Brian Joiner and Marie Gaudard       Quality Progress December 1990
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