Curious Cat Management Improvement Library - Dictionary

Voice of the Customer - description of what the customer wants. It can take the form of customer specifications, contractual requirements, Kano Model or other forms. To gather the "voice of the customer" an organization can use various methods: surveys, listening to the customers when they contact the organization, watching customers use their products or services, comment cards, repeat sales, focus groups, making a special effort to talk to the customer, market research, etc..

Related Terms:
  • Voice of the Process (VoP) - results of the historical performance of the process (or system). Normally a control chart is used to show the capability of the process. The VoP details what the process is capable of producing.
  • Quality Function Deployment (QFD) or House of Quality
  • Gap - The difference between the Voice of the Customer (what the customer wants) and the Voice of the Process (what the current process can provide)
  • Revealed preference