When will the Sleeping Giant Awaken?

by Ken Delavigne and Dan Robertson, 1994.

Explores the differences between modern management practices and those taught by W. Edwards Deming. Examines the influences which have shaped managers and organizations over the past 100 years. Presents Deming's theory in order to understand how to start or accelerate a personal journey of learning how to improve upon the systems within which we work and live.

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Deming's management philosophy stands in stark contrast to the philosophy that rules most organizations, which we call Neo-Taylorism. Neo-Taylorism is a corruption of Frederick Taylor's Scientific Management, with a strong mixture of paper entrepreneurialism and manipulation of symbols. This book treats Deming's contributions from a developmental standpoint, showing his philosophy of management to be superior morally, ethically, psychologically, practically, epistemologically, scientifically and financially. When will America, the sleeping giant, awaken to a better style of management?

Author's summary by Ken Delavigne

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