Ronald D. Moen

by Ken Delavigne and Dan Robertson, 1994.

Quality Improvement Through Planned Experimentation by Ronald D. Moen, Thomas W. Nolan and Lloyd P. Provost. 2nd Edition 1998.

Comments relate to the first edition linked to below

Improving Quality Through Planned Experimentation - first edition by Ron Moen, Tom Nolan and L.P. Provost, 1991

I like the way that the practice of PDSA is embedded **throughout** the book, as opposed to just being mentioned in the introduction only. The exposition makes this book accessible to a broad audience, far more so than most DOE books. The emphasis of graphical analysis and presentation of results and keeping the distinction between analytic and enumerative studies at the forefront of consideration are also laudable elements in my opinion. It is sad that the lack of "technical content" will probably keep this from being chosen for many statistics programs.

Ian Bradbury

General Motors Powertrain Group

Explores the philosophy, principles, and methodologies used to plan and conduct experiments which lead to the improvement of product and service quality. Features a system based upon sequential experimentation and offers guidance on how to build the sequence. Presents simple graphical methods to discover how much the planned changes are contributing to the variation in data. Includes guidance on practical aspects of planned experiments and provides a checklist so these aspects are addressed during the planning stage.

Madison Area Quality Improvement Network