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The Deming Videotapes

The tapes show Dr. Deming, America's quality legend, at his best: commanding, powerful, zealous, prophetic. Documentary footage and animated computer graphics have been added to illustrate Dr. Deming's presentation. The program is geared for all levels of employees.

The Deming Videotapes parallel the content of his landmark book, Out of the Crisis, and are ideal for those wishing to see and hear Dr. Deming deliver his powerful lessons for quality improvement and transformation of management.

Tape 1 - 46 minutes, 1991, MIT Center for Advanced Educational Services.
  • Introduction
  • Biographical profile of W. Edwards Deming, his life and work
  • Chain Reaction of Quality
  • Why productivity increases as quality improves
  • Production viewed as a system
  • Example: improved operational definitions
  • The System: Common and Special Causes of Trouble
  • Lesson of the Red Beads
  • Definitions of Common and Special Causes of variation
  • Example: bad thread in shoe factory (Common Cause)
  • Three examples of Common and Special Causes of trouble
  • Distribution of Common vs. Special Causes
  • A list of possible common causes
Tape 2 - 47 minutes, 1991, MIT Center for Advanced Educational Services.
  • The 14 Points for Management
  • Dr. Deming's 14 Points for Management for improvement of quality, productivity, and competitive position
  • Application to manufacturing and service organizations
  • The role of statistical methods
  • In-depth presentation of Point 1 through 14
Tape 3 - 61 minutes, 1991, MIT Center for Advanced Educational Services.
  • Uses of Control Charts
  • Introduction, history, and purpose of control charts
  • Principles for control chart development
  • Learning to use control charts
  • Example: filling orders in a mail order house
  • Advantages of a process in statistical control
  • New Principles of Training and Supervision
  • A new definition of supervision
  • Example: blaming workers for defects
  • The role of statistical control in employee training
  • The problems with ranking people on the job
  • Diseases and Obstacles
  • Introduction to the Diseases of Management and Obstacles to Success
  • Relationship to the 14 Points for Management
  • In-depth presentation of the Diseases and Obstacles
Tape 4 - 25 minutes, 1991, MIT Center for Advanced Educational Services.
  • Quality and Productivity in Service Organizations
  • Definition of service organizations
  • Examples: problems in payroll and purchasing departments
  • Example: reduction of mistakes in a bank
  • Suggestions for reducing paperwork mistakes
  • Quality and the Consumer
  • The consumer as the judge of quality
  • The Triangle of Interaction
  • Loss of business from a dissatisfied customer
  • Consumer research
  • The Deming Cycle of Continuous Improvement