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The Cloisters is part of the Met located near Tryon Park in upper Manhattan focusing on art and architecture of medieval Europe. MoMA website. Same day: walking in Manhattan.
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George Washington Bridge - From Manhattan to New Jersey Looking Toward New Jersey Cloisters, the MET, NYC Courtyard in the Cloisters From the Cloisters looking to New Jersey Painting at the Cloisters Museum - NYC Outdoor Courtyard at the Cloisters Cloisters - MET Museum, New York City Stained Glass at the Cloisters Met Museum in Manhattan, NYC The Cloisters, New York City Madonna and Child Statue - The Cloisters, NYC Painting, Cloisters Museum, NYC Tomb Effigies at the Cloisters - NYC Painting of Jesus in the Manger, The Cloisters, NYC Tomb Effigies, Statues and Stained Glass Windows at the Cloisters Tomb Effigy of Joan of Arc, Mid 13th Century, The Cloisters, NYC Fantastic painting at the Cloisters in NYC 2nd view of the rest of the painting at the Cloisters, NYC Courtyard next to cafeteria with very small selection of food at the Cloisters, NYC Carverd walnut?  or of the size of one, the Cloisters, NYC The Annunciation Triptych by Robert Campin and Assistanm ca 1425, The Cloisters, MET, New York City The Annunciation Triptych, ca. 1425 Robert Campin and Assistant, The Cloisters, MET, NYC Statue of Joseph on Donkey, The Cloisters, NYC The Cloisters Museum, MET, Manhattan, New York City Goat Skull and Bottle by Pablo Picasso, 1951, Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York City Do not touch, MoMA, NYC MoMA, NYC Campbell's Soup Cans. 1962, Andy Warhol, Museum of Modern Art, New York City Gold Marilyn Monroe. 1962. Andy Warhol. MoMA, NYC Lucky Strike, 1921, Suart Davis, Museum of Modern Art, New York City New MoMA, NYC, 2006 Portrait of Joseph Roulin by Vincent van Gogh, 1889. MoMA, NYC Port-en-Bessin (Entrance to the Harbor) by Georges-Pierre Seurat, 1888, MoMa, NYC