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Gantt Chart - project management tool used to display the various tasks that make up a project. The chart displays the tasks with projected dates for the duration and completion of each task as well illustrating what tasks are dependant on what other tasks.

The resources assigned to each task can also be noted, though, this step is often left out especially in small projects. Some software designed largely around the concept of Gantt charts includes this function.

Gantt charts were developed by Henry Laurence Gantt in 1917.

Related Terms:

  • Critical Path Method (Program Evaluation and Review Technique - PERT) - the longest path of dependant tasks for a project, based on time to complete each task. Illustrates the depencies of asks on preceding and following tasks. The critical path itself also identifies the tasks that will delay the overall project schedule if they are delayed.
  • Critical Chain
  • Project Management

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