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Check Sheet - standardized form used by workers to collect data which also serves as a tool to aid in the analysis of the data. A "Tally Sheet" can be used to collect count data. A "Location Sheet" can be used to mark where there is a defect (the form used when renting a car to indicate where any stracthes or dents are located is an example of this type of check sheet). On a "Graphic Sheet" a point is ploted (for example ploting the number of meals served in a restraunt each day).
Checksheets provide value by
  • standardizing data collection
  • simplifing data collection
  • encouraging data collection
  • displaying data in a form that can simplyfy analysis
Related Terms:
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  • Check List - a form used to standardize a process. A check sheet includes a list of items to check, steps to take, and/or data to collect. Pilots use check list to do a pre flight check. Check sheets are useful to make sure no items are missed which may happen if a person just does what they remember. Check sheets can also aid in providing documentation to aid in trouble shooting.

Online Resources:

  • Data Collection - 46 page handbook provides a great overview of data collection with several pages on the use of checksheets.