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Here we focus on the wonderful historical fiction by Orson Scott Card. Card's ability to weave fantasy and fiction with history and actual events provides many wonderful stories to enjoy.

Click here to order Rebekah now Rebekah, The story of Rebekah, Issac's wife, mother of Esau and Jacob is the second of Card's Women of Genesis series. read the first 4 chapters online.
Click here to buy Sarah online now Sarah, Orson Scott Card, 2000. (hardcover - paperback)
Read the first two chapters online now.
Read an interview of OSC on Sarah | Review

The Tales of Alvin Maker

Cover Graphic for Seventh Son Seventh Son (Alvin Maker 1), ©1987, Reprint Edition Mass Market
Paperback, 1993. Hugo Finalist, Locus Award (best fantasy novel).
  • Lost Boys, Mass Market Paperback, 1993. Excellent, but not for the weak hearted. It may be a stretch to clasify this as "historical fiction" but it has some of the necessary traits and it really isn't important how the books are "classified" but how enjoyable they are to read that matters. Read the first chapter of the book courtesy of Orson Scott Card.