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  • Next - "In an ambitious effort to show what's wrong with the U.S.'s current handling of gene patents and with the laws governing human tissues, the author interweaves many plot strands, one involving a California researcher, Henry Kendall, who has mixed human and chimp DNA while working at NIH."
  • Prey - this time nanotechnology, emergence and evolution play a role in Crichton's thriller.
  • Timeline - I really enjoyed the book, the movie not so much. Time travel.
  • State of Fear - global warming.
  • The Lost World, ©1995, 1996. Sequel to Jurassic Park by Crichton. Another great adventure.   40% off
  • Airframe, 1996.   Unabridged Audio Tape - 12 cassettes   Large Print Edition See The Official Michael Crichton Homepage for details on this and the Lost World movie.
  • Travels, 1993. Michael Crichton, Harvard-trained physician, bestselling author, movie director, relates his experiences from swimming with sharks in Tahiti to psychic experiences in the American desert.
  • Jurassic Park, ©1990, 1993. For both of you, who didn't see the movie, Dinosaurs roam modern day Jurassic Park after a discovery allowing their reintroduction using ancient DNA. Mankind's hubris gets a shock when our scientific achievement leads to unintended consequences. Not the most unique insight but an excellent enjoyable book, and while not a unique insight still an area which could use some serious thought.
  • Sphere, ©1987, 1991. A huge spaceship is discovered resting on the ocean floor, it seems undamaged and it appears to be at least three hundred years old. Rushed to the scene is a group of American scientists who investigate this astonishing discovery. Movie due out Christmas 1997.   audio tape
  • The Andromeda Strain, ©1969, 1993. An unmanned satellite returns to earth lethally contaminated and four American scientists are ordered to a secret lab to work against the threat of a worldwide epidemic. Another Crichton thriller.
  • The Great Train Robbery, ©1975, 1995. Written with a unique documentary approach, an intriguing work of historical fiction.
  • Congo, ©1980, 1995. Don't worry if you were disappointed by the movie the book is classic Michael Crichton. Deep in the heart of the darkest region of the Congo, near the legendary ruins of the Lost City of Zinj, an eight-person field expedition dies mysteriously and brutally in a matter of minutes.
  • Rising Sun, ©1992, 1993. Better than the movie but not his best work.
  • Five Patients: The Hospital Explained, 1994. Michael Crichton takes a look at venerable Massachusetts General, giving firsthand accounts of five true and poignant cases.

His works go far beyond his writing. Check out these web resources for more about his work on ER and movies (including those based on his work), his med school experiences...