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Community Quality Electronic Network History

This history is taken from the Deming Electronic Network (DEN) history and updated August 2007.

The Deming Electronic Network came out of a conversation between Myron Tribus, Tom Glenn, Del Kimbler, John Hunter, and Jim Clauson at the first Deming Institute Conference in early 1994. We envisioned using the Internet to share, network, and support activities of Deming "followers" world wide.

The DEN originated as a discussion list supported by Tom Glenn on his home system, along with his original TQM BBS and the Community Quality Electronic Network. In early 1995, the file area and the discussion list became too much for Tom's system, and Del Kimbler volunteered hardware, software, and technical support at the CQI server at the Department of Industrial Engineering at Clemson University in Clemson, SC.

In August of 2007 the CQEN site was moved from Clemson University to

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