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Over the years many of such organizations have provided a great service (such as Madison Area Quality Improvement Network, Philadelphia Area Council for Excellence (PACE), Deming Learning Network [Scotland] and the Ohio Quality and Productivity Forum).  Sadly after many years (the late 1980's and early 1990's saw the peak activity from such organization) few such organizations are still active.  Here are a few web sites that are still online:



Local chapters of the ASQ can also be useful globally and especially in the USA.  The Lean Construction Institute also has local chapters in the USA and internationally.  The Lean Global Network (associated with the Lean Enterprise Insitute) provides international contacts.

Annual Conference (local group)

Some of the previous organizations that are no longer online

  • British Deming Association
  • Madison Area Quality Improvement Network (MAQIN)
  • W. Edwards Deming Institute Community Partnership for Continual Learning with Tacoma, Washington
  • Washington DC Deming Study Group
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